Putting the ‘Cred’ into Stockpress!

Credpress integrates with Stockpress to deliver end-to-end credentialing and automated access to digital assets before, during and after and event.

Credpress allows event organizers to credential media, performers, athletes, sponsors, and industry attendees while simultaneously granting them access to digital assets via Stockpress.   

With customizable application criteria, you can approve or decline applicants quickly and easily from a branded web interface or a simple form embedded into your website and/or email communications. 

Grant access in 3 easy steps…

1. Create and publish your custom credential application for potential attendees to complete. 

2. Approve or decline applications, view attendee lists in real-time, and automatically grant access to your digital assets through an easy to use admin interface. 

3. Upload your digital assets for distribution to approved event attendees based on pre-set users roles and capabilities.

Simple. Connected. Empowering.

Interested learning more about Stockpress and our integrated credentialing platform, Credpress? We’d love to hear about your event(s) and understand how we could help!